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Current projects

Please click on the project name if interested. To list your project or suggest an organization for us to contact, please use Tell Ada page.

Project Name Description Deliverables Budget Location Target Date
Certification SOC third party certification letter 2017-12-31
Awareness training The small team of 15 people need to have basic training on best practices for security. 15 people trainined virtually 2017-10-31
Risk assessment need a professional who has a strong background in laying out remediation steps. confidential assessment report 2017-11-30
Policy statement for website Company needs a statement for security policy to share with clients on its website. Can be done remotely. public statement 2017-11-30
Risk assessment, Privacy and Security Policy on website, Free SSL An overall assessment with recommendations and tangible actions San Jose, CA 2017-11-30
Pentest Educational institute protects students, staff and administrators' information a report of vulnerabilities, if any, for remediation 2017-12-30
third-party audit of security posture Educational institute leading the way audit report for educational institute 2017-12-31
Secure coding to remedy pentest issues nonprofit appreciates help in beefing up security and fix vulnerabilities (if any). all major vulnerabilities are fixed. 2017-12-16
Project Director for Cybersecurity Projects The project director will use excellent project management experience to structure clients' needs into executible projects, and ensure the quality of projects. Information security experience is a must to appreciate clients' needs and provide guidance. Quality infosec projects and and better security for clients. San Jose, CA 0000-00-00
Overall Risk Assessment and Recommendations 0000-00-00