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Completed Projects

For details about the projects below, please contact

Name Address Project Description Deliverables Target Date
Adaptable Security Corp , Certification SOC third party certification letter 0000-00-00
Adaptable Security Corp , Awareness training The small team of 15 people need to have basic training on best practices for security. 15 people trainined virtually 0000-00-00
The Lunch Master , Risk assessment need a professional who has a strong background in laying out remediation steps. confidential assessment report 0000-00-00
The Lunch Master , Policy statement for website Company needs a statement for security policy to share with clients on its website. Can be done remotely. public statement 0000-00-00
Adaptable Security Corp ,san jose, ca email security the email needs to be encrypted more secure email 2017-10-05
Oak Grove School District ,San Jose, CA Risk assessment, Privacy and Security Policy on website, Free SSL An overall assessment with recommendations and tangible actions 0000-00-00
Oak Grove School District , Pentest Educational institute protects students, staff and administrators' information a report of vulnerabilities, if any, for remediation 0000-00-00
Adaptable Security ,San Jose, CA Project Director for Cybersecurity Projects The project director will use excellent project management experience to structure clients' needs into executible projects, and ensure the quality of projects. Information security experience is a must to appreciate clients' needs and provide guidance. Quality infosec projects and and better security for clients. 2018-02-15
Don Mateo Foods ,Downtown San Jose, CA Risk assessment and Ada-Star badge Neighborhood grocery store uses credit card reader for transactions. No website, but saw a laptop on premise too. The Risk Assessment will consider all areas per NIST CSF and recommend best practices as needed. Follow up to ensure that its security posture is 4 or above. Risk assessment report with recommendations. An Ada-Star Badge. 2017-12-19
Don Mateo , Overall Risk Assessment and Recommendations 0000-00-00
Don Mateo ,San Jose, CA Install camera and train on how to use Client has monitoring camera. Need an expert to install for reasonable cost. And train the users on how to use. Client's physical security is monitored effectively. 2018-02-26
NIST and NSF Global City Teams Challenge: Wireless Supe ,virtual Cybersecurity and privacy expertise to IoT blueprint for municipalities Become contributors to the IoT blueprint for municipalities under the leadership of NIST and NSF in cybersecurity and privacy a blueprint with sound cybersecurity and privacy guidance 0000-00-00
San Jose City ,San Jose Help hire the most suitable CISO for the city. Be on the interview panel. San Jose City is hiring a stellar CISO, who is going to going to build a strong collaboration with the community. Need a cybersecurity leader in the community to be part of the interview panel. Recommendation on highly qualified candidates. 2018-04-01
NIST/DHS Smart Secure Cities and Communities Challenge ,virtual Contribute to the cybersecurity/privacy domain of the IoT blueprint The volunteers' names will be listed on the IoT Blueprint for all municipalities as guidance. Members meet for 1 hour weekly to discuss and sync up. Particularly need help in standards and laws review. Members may be invited to NIST/DHS Tech Jam meetings. draft by July, published blueprint by August. 0000-00-00
Adaptable Security Corp ,virtual Pentest frontend and backend of a web platform and recommend fixes. Need pentester to outline vulnerabilities in frontend and backend of a web platform. Recommendations are extra nice to have. timely pentest report 2018-08-30
Adaptable Security ,Bay Area, CA Nationwide Cyber Security Review (NCSR) The project will help Bay Area's 12 counties and 3 core cities complete their cyber risk profile by applying the DHS-sponsored, CIS-provided NCSR a completed NCSR 0000-00-00
Adaptable Security ,Bay Area, CA Regional CISOs Liaison Need 1 to 2 professionals to help coordinate the communication with Bay Area counties /cities CISOs in meetings and facilitate discussions of pain points Meeting notes and proposals 0000-00-00